Swagyan Mandir is an experimental space where people are encouraged to connect with themselves through self-learning; connect with the community through sharing circles and connect with nature by practising organic farming. Swagyan Mandir is dedicated to the  path of love, exploration of the self, in the service of the whole.

The three pillars of this space are:

  • True Nature (Swabhav): Every soul has a unique essence, which makes each person a distinct individual. Once this remembrance is rekindled within our self the path to self-transformation can be charted more consciously. Acceptance of our true nature arises naturally when we are in an environment that allows for a non-judgmental blossoming of who we are at our deepest level. Swagyan Mandir aims to be a place which celebrates this blossoming.
  • Self-Knowledge (Swagyan): Awareness of our true nature, leads to a natural inquiry into our authentic expression – all the ways in which we come alive from the heart. Swagyan Mandir is a place where personal and collective practices can be undertaken towards nurturing this sense of aliveness.
  • Creative Manifestation (Srujan): As we celebrate our being, and walk relentlessly in pursuit of our authentic expression, the path to our most fearless expression of love is paved naturally. A feeling that we are not alone but an integral part of a larger, evolving consciousness gets strengthened at each step. This allows our expressions and actions to become a gift to others. Such a co-creative manifestation has a potential to become our true service to human consciousness.

Some of the collective practices to be inculcated in this space are:

  • Silence – To deepen our connection to our self
  • Prayer – To deepen our connection to divinity
  • Farming – To deepen our connection to nature
  • Reading – To deepen our connection to our spiritual lineage
  • Sharing Circles – To deepen our interconnection with others
  • Stories/Music/Media/Art – To deepen our connection to the world