“Everything is locked down”..?  but things like SUNRISE, LOVE, FAMILY TIME, KINDNESS, CREATIVITY, LEARNINGS, CONVERSATIONS, IMAGINATIONS, RELATIONSHIP, PRAYING, MEDITATION, HOPE  are not in locked down, and these momentary pauses, for through the reflection we will see the soul purpose of each, of all, And through the journey, WE will know The destination as one.

lotus joysunrise


Corona has brought opportunities to cultivate Karuna (compassion), and our Lokmitras nurturing themselves and society with inner cultivation, wisdom and Nobel intentions, Most of them they brought their own true version and being a catalyst for society

JAYSHREE AND MANAV:  As Esi is supporting and hosting many local and international noble friends who having difficulty to find a place or who wants to deep dive  within the self for their inner cultivation, more than Avg 40 people are living  more than 40 days in ESI, these two Lokmitra being catalyst between them, Jayashree and Manav  mindfully taking care of daily essentials and sanctity of space, and cultivating their inner virtues with the company of noble friends, along with that Jayashree is fasting and Manav is aware people around  boosting immunity through yoga and through healthy food habits, along with that they help people around nearby villages  to send daily essentials In the time of quarantine

manav      jayshree

DEVESH: Devesh is one of the key Lok Mitra who holding and taking care of Gandhi ashram eco-system, this month along with taking care of plants and micro eco-system in campus, he cultivation deeply his own gifts, along with that he showed his deeper compassion for other beings and made houses for birds in the campus to invite and intent enhancing his intelligence with other beings and family, he is also anchoring experiment of farming in campus, and this month deeply cultivating the noble intentions and soil with that Nobel intention that fruit can be shared with the community especially in this time of isolation, as his inner cultivation he is practicing silence for deeply connect with himself and existence of other beings.

ZANKHANABEN: Zankhnaben is one of the Lok Mitra who is in quest of finding her higher version of herself through the tool what Gandhi guide us, despite physical challenge she tried to connect herself with community nearby, she visited venerable families around and showed up her solidarity with them along with that she trying to be an instrument of service and trying to meet their daily essential with support of local eco-system of Gandhi ashram and ESI.. as her inner cultivation she made her personal practice to waking up before sunrise and doing charkha and meditation for her inner stillness.

zankhna ben1                zankhnaben 2

BHASKAR: As he started to explore his passion for photography, last month he started self-designed learning of professional software’s from internet with a higher purpose to connect with his inner net through sharing the beauty of nature and co-existence through his lens as a gift, in this time of pandemic his showing the greater display of his heart and compassion, with help of local NGO he started to feeding dogs and stray animals on street.

cow            stary dog  

ASHOK:  Ashok is our Lok Mitra who connects and hold space through stories, he is been blessed with his gift of stories, this month, unfortunately, quarantine in his hometown, but his noble intention for helping his community in this time of adversity has been manifested through his hard work and support of local friends and noble friends, he able to send daily essential and grocery in his villages of Kutch, along with that he is been working hard on his stories and soon his book with stories will be published soon, one of the elders from the community is strongly supporting him to manifest his dream of books.

ashok                            ashok1

ROBIN: Robin is one of energetic Lok Mitra who always looking for the opportunity to serve and act on the field , as he shared this pandemic of corona gives him the greater opportunity of Karuna (compassion), through his action for sharing grocery kits in community-created greater opportunity to see himself in others, each connection took him closer to his true self, as he actively holding space of Seva café, he decided to multiply that value of Seva café through different form and connected himself with the community through cooked food and serving tea to whoever is needed, with the true spirit of “LIVING IS GIVING “

robin 1         robin 2


At the Gandhi Ashram, we’ve been fortunate to encounter streams of individuals who are “being the change” in their own contexts and ways. On top of that, in the last years, through Awakin gatherings, SEVA CAFE, Moved By Love, Samanvay retreats, Village journeys,etc.,

in this time of pandemic we’ve great opportunity to go deeper and deeper in inner transformation. This month 10 individuals, Nobel friends from our larger eco-system participated at Maitri space of ESI, sughad, these individuals witness, explored and engaged with the service journeys of diverse folks from the local ecosystem while simultaneously they were engaging in daily practices that nurture the values of kindness, gratitude, inner and outer sanitation, stillness and simplicity, and small acts with great love.

thirty days  thirty day 3

thirty day 2


(Karuna Virus Act and WiFi )


For the last few days, Jayesh Bhai is churning with his thoughts and reflections on Karuna (COMPASSION) Virus. It is incredible to witness the bhaav that is collectively emerging through deep sharing and listening. Sharing a few snippets of the same here.
*Karuna Virus Act and WiFi*

For the past few days, in the wake of all that is emerging, I do not feel fear. Instead, I sense a space of calm and mindfulness. I feel a deep sense of love and prayer for universal goodness. Carrying this sacred space at the level of thought and action has such deep potential. In the momentum of individual and collective fear and the pain many of us are experiencing, if we allow our inner-net to cultivate, weave, accept the pain and mess we are into –understand the impermanence of it all– and transform the fear into a prayer of the well-being of all – then I feel we may come closer to our connection with our roots, to our values. This can perhaps lead to many wholesome practices of our own inner-cultivation and outer manifestation of compassion (Karuna) virus. This will allow us to extend our contribution deeper and further – to our contribution of thoughts and of cooperation towards our shared connection.

In this circle of connection, cultivation, and contribution, our connection is to our higher consciousness, a genuine heart, and mind of service, so to speak. When we are in tune with that interconnection of our consciousness; when we align ourselves to operate through love and compassion with a selfless understanding of that interconnection, we will be in service to the whole. This is the order of Nature.

To channel the energy of the heart and mind, we share the noble thoughts for universal goodness. To channel the energy of the body, we engage in service to the whole. And we do that by taking small mindful steps – like cooking with love, cleaning with mindfulness, engaging in deep listening with whoever shows up at our door, and so on.

By allowing us to pause and deeply reflect on this, Nature has gifted us with Karuna Virus as we transit from nature to culture to the future. Whenever humankind has been elevated in fragments of competition, self-centeredness, jealousy, consumption, greed, separation, etc. – Nature has very gently interfered to bring back its balance, equilibrium, and awareness. And this shift in our inherent nature may birth a new culture of consciousness that may lead to a very hopeful future, perhaps a conviction to be in service to the sacred, to be in service to the whole web of life.

The more I am aligning myself to this thought and feeling, I am beginning to see this as a time of transformation for the entire civilization. A time where the common collective is rising to its authentic, yet gentle power. While we are all one at the level of soul, the field of unwholesome thoughts and actions continued to dominate our narrative. However, now the time has arrived where we see the collective going from its subtle to subtler and subtlest forms. Very truly aligning to the phrase, “in a gentle way we can shake the world”. We continue to see around us – people, spaces, and movements from all walks of life are coming together in their own decentralized and organic ways towards this one shared intention of service to the whole.

Corona Virus created the field for Karuna Virus. [“Karuna” is Sanskrit for “compassion”] What started as a Karuna Virus is now inviting us to move towards Karuna Actions, which will strengthen our Karuna Wifi.

*Karuna Virus* – contagious _contribution_ of compassion with loving-kindness for universal goodness.
*Karuna Act* – _cultivation_ through personal practices for our stillness
*Karuna Wifi* – _connection_ through eternal values (roots) that strengthen our foundation towards universal goodness.

Wherever we are in our inner world and in our outer world, may we turn on the torchlight of contribution, connection, and cultivation.

May we strengthen the connection with consciousness (Love Jagat) through which creativity for loving-kindness acts towards humanity and all the Earth Family emerges, to come back into kinship with all life.

May these days of lockdown in India become an opportunity to find the joys of simplicity.

May we cooperate and co-create small practices that we align with; towards the collective consciousness and spread ourselves though distributed droplets of compassion.

This days of ‘Lock’ down is in-fact a ‘Key’ of compassion for the entire Earth. It brings with it a key to reflect and act on collective personal practices.

May we all collectively take this opportunity to joyfully come together; in love, understanding & cooperation and make this world a more beautiful place – one small compassionate ‘key’ (act) at a time.

Love All – Serve All – Share with All


virti dada

#Sukshma Karma: Viratiji Maharaj These days Jayesh Bhai gets lots of fruits and vegetables and with immense love, he shares it with many friends and family members. Someone asked him – why do you do that even for people who can afford, his response was sheer love and a way to show care, indeed motherly Care, as he does this in day to day life as well.  Some of you know about Viratiji Maharaj, an 89 years monk stays in Kabir Ashram near esi Sughad. A few years back climbing on a tree to collect fruits so that he could share, one of his legs was fractured. Last year, uncle Bruce heard this story and wished to visit Kabir Ashram with few friends. Viratiji led uncle Bruce in his farm, they didn’t exchange a single word but connected deeply through nature. On return Uncle, Bruce shared that Babaji showed him a branch of a tree leaning downloaded with fruits. Now he doesn’t have to climb trees to fetch fruits, trees recognize his intentions, and lean down to serve.

During the lockdown, Jayeshbhai delivers fruits to Viratiji Maharaj personally. And yesterday he was to deliver fruits but couldn’t. In anticipation with intentions to pluck and share “Rayan” a local fruit, Viratiji climbed a tree and fell down, it hurt his hand.

When our friend reached to deliver fruits and vegetables to Viratiji, he offered fruits, witnessing Viratiji was hurt, he called Jayesh Bhai. And immediately a doctor’s (Yakshatbhai) appointment was taken. Listening to the background of Viratiji, Yakshatbhai (doctor) opened his clinic specially and treated him with immense respect and conveyed-  he is inspired and deeply moved by love in presence of Viratiji. He can be called an hour and he would be ready to serve. On the way back to Kabir Ashram, Viratiji decided to visit Jayesh Bhai’s home. Indeed he was carrying fruits mangoes and lemons harvested in Kabir Ashram. “Rayan” he will send with someone. Anar didi asked if she shall make a pickle of mangoes and send it to him, he simply denied saying these mangoes are for you.  I have enough, it’s a gift from nature. Both Jayesh Bhai and Anar didi had tears of compassion in their eyes, while Viratiji was smiling with sparkling eyes full of grace and love.

Jayeshbhai later shared, fruits he sends to friends and families is “स्थूल कर्म” gross work, that may have an impact while the offering Viratiji Maharaj shares are “सुक्षम कर्म” subtle work that inspires transformation. The depth and subtlety of Viratiji inspired the Doctor, karyakartas, Jayeshbhai, Anar didi, and possibly all who are reading.

It’s as if Corona is conveying to deepen Karuna (compassion) through subtle work with noble intentions of pure service.






Zankhana Ben: This month her participants through various retreats in villages, being intrinsically connected to the charkha make the learning of charkha a totally different experience. This month she Pushed herself and attempted to walk on her dream path of DANDI with a group of kids, where Gandhi walked a few years ago in 1930 for “SALT MARCH”, along with that these days she generously sharing her presence and grocery with daily wage labor and needy for this time.

JAYSHREE:  Jayshree is one of our Lokmitra who works in a school, This month because of a coronavirus school lockdown, she got the opportunity to participate in Samanvay retreat and different gatherings, one of the key highlights for her this month is to attend Samanvay Retreat with her Mother, deepening her relationship, since Samanvay Retreat she is been full time participating and holding space in ESI, and becoming the catalyst for organizing various Retreats at space for our Nobel friends and volunteers who safely get their stay in ESI during the time of quarantine time, one of the key reflection she was sharing through this time she got an opportunity to go more inwards and get connected more with her own self.


Manavraj Rishi: Manav has been participated in various Retreats and Gathering this month, along with that he is fulltime facilitator in Esi, along with that he facilitated various activity and sessions with Anganwadi (pre-primary schools) teachers training program, he has actively participated in different villages for health and sanitation camps, one of his moment for joy is to meet and celebrate the festival of color (HOLI) with his daughter.


Robin: Robin is an energetic soul who always spreads joy and happiness in the space he resides. He plays a very big role in facilitating the Seva Café to each and every beautiful soul who visits the space. He is been actively engaged in various Retreats, in this time of quarantine he is been with his family in surat, but there he set out to make “VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM” an actual reality along with taking care of his family he made sure to even look after his extended family which is built on the foundations of Humanity, He made 15 grocery kits which included the most basic things that we require to live our lives and extended his warmth to the ones who needed them the most

BhaskarBhaskar is Deeply connected with nature, this month he decided to spend time in solitude and finding harmony between nature within and nature outside, along with his self-design learning for photography and advance software, he went for 10 days course of Vipassana  Meditation, along with that he never missed opportunity to get connected with nature through his lens


DEVESH: Devesh is been one of silent Lokmitra who holding space in various Retreats and gatherings invisibly, after his self-retreat of 21 days silence, he reconnected himself to go deeper with his own gifts of ART, along with that he actively engaged in retreats and do some HEART (ART) Work. He is actively holding space in Seva café too, this month he experimented with food in Seva café to bring more consciousness and reduce the food waste.

ASHOK :   Ashok is one of the Lokmitra who built and connect the community with the power of stories, He actively holding space for community and kids in Kutch and different villages, this month he facilitated lots of sessions around storytelling in the various organization in a remote part of an area, along with that he is been volunteering in samanvay gathering




It’s been an incredible privilege to witness the outpour of love, community, and connection that we felt in just 3 days. It’s humbling to witness the unfurling of the intention of this gathering that has been in the soil for such a long time. This retreat a truly special one! We refer to our retreat canter as “Maitri Space”, precisely because of all the selfless love that volunteers put into the smallest of acts and the open-hearted joy that each of the participants brings. Each of the unique gifts is what co-created magical space So many things were folding, unfolding through the joy of togetherness, it was one step closer to make the bridge between India and Spain, opportunities and possibilities, and loose ties to  deep ties


PEACE WALK Peace walk was a mesmerizing experience of slowing down in this fast-paced life and having a look at where we are headed. All the individuals gathered around in a circle and one by one went and hugged the peace pole. Thereafter, began the peace walk across the round path carved amidst green trees. The pause that this walk brought gave space to compassion and grace to emerge from within. After each and every walk, the experience deepened which directly impacted one’s behavior towards the people around them.


HEART/SHARING CIRCLE  This circle gave space to everyone to open up and share about the experiences that touched them the most during this 3-day retreat. Many of them shared extremely crucial and personal things throughout various circles held for three days. The best part about this sharing was that an atmosphere of acceptance and unconditional love was created during these circles so as to make everybody feel comfortable enough to open up.

BIO-DANCE:  Facilitated by our participants Arianna was a wonderful experience of Bio-dance. It is said very rightly that, “We do not stop dancing because we get old but we get old because we stop dancing”.The child within each and every person got a space to emerge through this activity. It was a wonderful and an experience which opened up many of the participants from within.

GRATITUDE WALK The gratitude gives an opportunity to break all the blockages that one holds within. These are the blockages that stop one from connecting with the divine and hinders the flow of grace. Many participants experienced extreme breaking within them which was expressed in the form of tears in the physical realm. Though it brought a lot of tears, was definitely one of the most healing moments for everyone present there



kalindi tai    kalindi tai 1

KALINDI TAI is one of the eldest sister staying in Brahma Vidya Mandir Ashram,paunar. She walked during the bhoodan movement and worked very closely with vinoba bhave , she is author of several books including the autobiography of Vinoba Ji which was later translated in English with Title “MOVED BY LOVE” She shared her wisdom and life experience about love, life, spiritual practices, and service.

Find her wisdom Here Kalindi tai wisdom 

SOME MOMENTS OF JOY: Beauty Lies in embracing the flow of life what remains frozen in our Heart fails to find a place to grow in us and become rooted, some moments of joy here which is rooted in everyone’s heart.


“Samagrata” is the immersion of urban and rural, conventional and contemporary, bhakti, Gyan, and karma and of our head, hands, and heart. It is the process, which aims at improving the well-being and self-realization of people living outside in urban areas, it’s a process which opens possibilities to learn from the community and traditional wisdom With that spirit we held this Retreat with our Nobel Friends who came from Spain, England, Peru, Mexico, USA, and India Most of them they touched with generosity and hospitality, deepening their true understanding of “GIFT CULTURE”

One of the highlights was they all experienced service through the lenses of the National Service Scheme program, run in Gujarat to support the service journeys of college students – they gather for these service camps and go to village areas to create awareness on certain themes and learn of how to live in the community. In the end intention of the program is also to ignite that spirit of service through small acts of love. They clean toilets, clean plastics, spend time with neighbors, take care of the animals.




In these times of uncertainty and fear, the eternal values of compassion and friendship are as necessary as they have ever been. From Corona to Karuna, Jayeshbhai says :). How can we use this time of more isolation as a journey towards a greater sense of community? How can we use this time of fear to uplift our love for all? Vinoba Bhave talked about ‘Subtle Satyagraha’. All his life, and especially the period of time after the Bhoodan Movement he was more focused on the inner discoveries in relation to social change. He never lost the focus on Sarvodaya, ‘the upliftment and welfare of all’, but his means turned more towards inner transformation. Although there is a whole spectrum on this, it’s always a gift to have the chance to explore that field, of how deeper inner explorations inter-relate with our worldly lives.

In that spirit, we hosted journey of silence in community at ESI-Sughad from 19th March till 26th March. The seven days spent in silence with a sharing circle every evening. During these days all prepared food together took care of the space together, did silent acts of service, silent dancing, prayer, meditation, bowing, yoga, peace walks, painting for peace, etc.

dil darshan

 Story of cross-pollination :

To meet and spend time with  Sister Lucy is always grace, she deeply touched with the culture of an organization and lose tie of MAHER getting deepen and deepen, she visited eco-system with her Nobel friend from Austria, he deeply touched with some experiments of “GIFT CULTURE” and took wisdom and spirit as seed,

Meanwhile, We (Nobel Friends) had the chance to connect deeply with her and we were all moved by her love, her resilience, and her brave spirit.


As we did samanvay last year, the flow of love keeps flowing Nandini- one of the key members of parmarth Niketan ashram, Hrishikesh came here with one of a noble friend, Michael_BeckwithH, with the intention of deepening spirit of love and service, as she shared he really moved with love and took inspiration from the land of Gandhi and spirit of Gandhi.





Happy well – in – Time 🙂 In this month of love, the tree of love keeps expanding externally and roots are deepening internally.




Ashok Amin: 


A mechanical engineer turned storyteller. A meeting with a very well-known author Dhruv Bhatt through Vishwa Gram organization was one of the best & life-changing experiences for him. It was the moment that unleashed the storyteller within him and brought in front of him the art of narrating and writing stories. Thereafter he became part of ESI and one of the sentences that touched him the most at ESI campus was, “Don’t keep worries and burden in your work, just keep pure intention”. Connecting with the Anganwadi women worker and getting close with kids there inspired him to visit various villages and conduct different kinds of workshops and activities with the kids there.

Zankhana Ben: Being intrinsically connected to the charkha makes the learning of charkha a totally different experience. This month she deepened in the conscious experience along with her participants through various retreats in villages and along with kids. This month one of the highlights was meeting Arundada and getting to hear his sharing on charkha and takli.

Jayshree:  Jayshree is one of the Lok Mitra who constantly nurtures the value in kids. This month she was really touched by kid’s wisdom and innocence during the picnic. The kids innocently said that we all live in Lord Hanuman’s heart. One of the learning she was sharing that, they all witness the process of how life comes out of eggs, kids found how another being has intelligence and how they take care of each other and provide warmth to each other. She also weaved in the heart of kids that how can we be the instrument for providing warmth to all beings.

Manavraj Rishi: He has visited many villages and organized numerous health camps. His deeper intention is primarily supportive and complementary in rural development work. He also visited a respectful source of inspiration, Vasant Dada. His deeper reflection and usefulness of knowledge focused on the love element. Love is the essence of the world and there is no other essence.


Devesh Sinha: This month, Devesh observed silence for a period of about 2 weeks and carried out the beautiful process of internal purification. With an intention to know oneself and connect with the deeper meaning of life he decided to disconnect from all the interactions for a few days. He believes that silence is a very powerful way to connect to self and connecting with self is the only way to get in touch with each and every other being existing on this planet. He added energy of calmness and serenity in the space of existenceFEB8

Robin: Robin is an energetic soul who always spreads joy and happiness in the space he resides. He plays a very big role in delivering the idea and concept of Seva Café to each and every beautiful soul who visits the space. With his experience of serving and compassionate reflection, he is able to narrate the idea behind the space in a very touching manner. He makes sure that each and every individual that enters that space does not leave without feeling special.


BhaskarBhaskar Bhai is one of our lok Mitra who not only has compassion for human beings but also for every other being who cannot express their feelings through words. He makes all the required efforts to make their existence convenient on this planet by serving them. There is no difference in his behavior, care, and compassion between humans and other beings.

FEB 10

Cross-pollination Retreat :

The youth Fest – 2069 

Youth Fest – 2069 was not an event, it was home to all those who are on the journey of evolution. Collective growth, leadership, and learning was the main theme around which the whole fest revolved. Various different experiments were done around the ideas of democracy, immersion, time banking & media. These experiments brought out a new perception and created a space in order to welcome change.

We were around 80 people from 25+ organizations and 15+states

Experiments and Learnings by  Lokmitras

So in youth fest, youth from all parts of India gathered. Everyone was sharing their gifts with their own ways, but few volunteers and lokmitras decided instead of hosting intellectual sessions on big issues, how we can do small act with great love and we hosted “dancing toilet cleaning”. So, few friends joined & we cleaned really messy toilets with joy as a result of this the cleaning staff from a place really moved and touched, they were in joyful tears. They shared that in 10 years no one did this job for us, they expressed their gratitude, and our message effortlessly flowed to the youth present there. Everybody realized that it is never about doing great things or big things, but all about doing small things with great love.


Story of Cross-pollination:

Kids visited from Kashmir:  After one year, few kids visited exactly on the day where they were a victim of an attack from the place Pulwama, Kashmir. These kids came to visit different organizations and initiatives all across Gujarat. As a part of their visit, they experienced the space in Gandhi Ashram as well.

Where they came from, that part has negative thoughts about Gujarat because of riots in 2001. Even the parents were also insecure to send them. However, we observed that their perception getting changed after hearing some stories and experiments happening around here. While saying goodbye few kids were sharing we are taking these love back to our space and we will share with our parents too about the power of love and how sanitation is important for life and country. Those reflections from kids deeply touched all of us present there, how the consciousness of space and cultivation of hearts helps to heal deeper pain and effortlessly become a bridge for two-generation and two states.

The hangover of Gandhi 3.0  The hangover of Nobel friends are still here, last year few friends from Vietnam came and took the deeper value of charkha from Zankhnaben who is one of our Lok Mitra who constantly deepening herself with the charkha, (spinning wheel) , and they took this value  to Vietnam



Integrating Brazilian playfulness and Indian wisdom 🙂 – a new world is possible.

In 1994, the Brazilian president declared that all the money deposited in the bank now

belonged to the government for good reasons. Before that day, the Brazilian brother’s dad had sold his land and deposited the money in his bank account – so they lost their money the following day. So sadly, the day after the government’s taking of the money, the brother’s father also passed away. So suddenly, our Brazilian brother was left with nothing: no money, no land, no father. So, he resorted to becoming a stealer. As he was sharing his story [with Diken], the brother shared his shock that no one was questioning the government for taking all of the people’s money in 1994, but when he started stealing, he was treated as a robber. Eventually, he was put in jail by the government. The brother shared that it was the biggest university in his life. He spent ten years in Brazilian prisons, some of the most violent in the world. His pain was excruciating, as he experienced violence there every day. One day, however, he started reading the Bible and discovered Jesus. From then on, he started seeing goodness and finding Jesus in people. It was his biggest shift – at the time, he was in such pain, taking drugs, and had even contracted HIV. Somehow, he moved away from his condition and came out of prison. And he started working thanks to the inner power that received inside the prison. From then on, he started sharing about the power of Love with his people in the favelas. He renamed his favela “La favela del Paz,” and while there used to be ten people killed there daily after he started working there, the number of daily deaths came down to zero. His story is so touching because we become so easily restless and try to act, forgetting act from a place of heart as “heartiest” – not activists.

One message that the brother shared as the essential crux of his life for every young person to know is: “God supports people, not strategies.” A new world is possible.



The Jail University Band, Out of the Box, is performed  World Music Festival, it was the first time in history happened Indian prison band performs in the world music festival, they started with universal prayer “vashudhew kutumbkam”,  AS LOVE LEAD THE WAY STEPS MADE EASY.








Wishing all a very happy new year, may you manifest a meaningful journey and create wonderful memories by making the best out of this gift of life that we all have received. The month continues with deepening the bonds amongst the noble friends. All were sharing the same light and love, some seen some unseen!







Since he was young, Manav would follow his inner guidance. Regardless of whatever his parents, siblings, and elders said, he only followed things that he could understand and go forward based on his own experience. Due to this, he used to dissent against blind beliefs in society. After finishing his DAL through Manav never enjoyed formal education, he did have a strong desire to be of service to people, connect with nature, and become self-sufficient. This led him to do a Doctorate of Naturopathy and Yoga from Jeevan Nirmaan Prakrutik Chikistsa Evam Yoga Mahavidyalaya in Meerut.

Manav shared, “I used to experiment with everything in my Naturopathy classes. I used to live the lessons we were learning. I have fully enjoyed my life. I have sought to fully understand, which has gifted me with confidence and deep trust in whatever I do.” Doctorate, Manav did health awareness campaigns in various ashrams, non-profits, and villages throughout the country. He joined a private practice in Delhi with Dr. B.B. Goel of the All India Nature Cure Federation, stayed there for 3.5 years, and completed another Diploma course in Yoga and Naturopathy (English). During his stay in the city, Manav would ensure that everyone had access to health by working in villages. Manav worked at the top-rated Swyas Nature Cure Center in Anandham for 1.5 years. Later, he was in charge of corporate health and yoga programs for two years in Ahmedabad but decided that his inclination towards service and spiritual practice did not fit with the work.



Devesh has always been a seeker, in his path of spirituality, love, and service. At a very young age, he decided to be a monk and served for a few years in the Himalayas at various ashrams. With his sincerity, he was offered to become the in-charge of an ashram itself but then he chose to come to Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad to find other ways of service while living with the people. For 5 years he helped in Seva Cafe and now currently has been supporting Moved by Love Retreats, Swagyan & the ashram ecosystem. He is also a gifted artist who facilitates various art circles and workshops for kids in the spirit of gift culture.

His love for cooking has also with a love for cooking.

ZANKHNA BEN:  Being intrinsically connected to the charkha, Zankhana ben makes the learning of charkha a totally different experience. An incident occurred this month during her service at one of the retreats which took her on a deeper level of consciousness. The experience was of carrying out a certain kind of physical labor which prima facie seemed impossible to be carried out. On actually doing the work she realized that the limits, boundaries, and the blockages are all on a mental level and if anyone who can break them, it is us.


ROBINBHAI: He is a regular volunteer at Seva café, continuously adding to the compassion and devotion to the atmosphere there. This month he engaged in various retreats and ashram ecosystems, he touched so many hearts in ASPEN, and Gandhi 3.0 retreats with his labor of love. Along with that, he facilitated a gathering at Seva cafe wherein one of his key experiments with kids was done. He encouraged them for moving from transaction-based actions to trust & love based actions.


JAYSHREE BEN:  She hosts art exhibitions and imparts essential values of acting with a harmony of the head, heart, and body amongst the kids. With the deepening of her own journey she started some ecological experiment in school, and encouraging kids to plant and grow some kitchen garden, her deepen intent to take them into the product to process.


BHASKAR: Bhaskar Bhai tries his best to save the maximum birds he can from losing their lives and helps in balancing our eco-system and makes us feel like we are co-existing.also his journey deepening with the lens of his camera this month,


 Samnvay – Spirit, Sadhana, Service

We had Samanvay as well as cross-pollination retreat with respected Sri M at the Maitri Space at ESI, Sughad. During the walk, he visited Maitri space (ESI) for the first time and felt a deep connection. Sri M is a spiritual guide, social reformer, and educationist who travels extensively and humbly shares his teachings of oneness. He heads the Satsang Foundation, has written multiple books including his memoir “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master – A Yogi’s Autobiography”. In 2015-16 he also led a Walk of Hope from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, for peace and harmony.

Highlights:  Various eco-systems participated in this retreat to dive deep into inner space. People were deeply touched with deeper wisdom and integrity with a practical aspect. One of the highlights for most of the people was “we need to integrate intellect of Shankaracharya and compassion of Buddha”. Sri M was deeply touched with spiritual depth of space and proposed one more retreat for sadhana and spiritual practices organized Satsang and community night as spontaneous emergence wherein more than 90 people showed up organically for chanting and silent dinner.

Artivist 5  : (Ecosystem gathering)

Artivist started in 2017, the first being a 4 dayer with 6 people…birthing a much bolder invitation to the second with a focus on “Hang Out”….some lessons came up around power, the three-axis of change and the overall context of a manthan and collider…
The third artivist collected these ideas and contributed to the birth of Out of the Blue …formally now known as 2069: The Youth Fest…
And then post the fest we convened for the fourth, catalyzing what we learned about engaging youth…
And that brings us to Artivist 5….
The intent
Prototype some potential experiments that could happen at youth fest
Share what’s emerging in the ecosystem space and see how best can we serve the emerging future (yes, sounds like a cliche but that’s what I mean!)
Updates on Rediscovery of India and the larger journey that we could collectively co-create and undertake
As with every artivist, our personal journeys, questions, Masti, hangouts, and memories!! 🙂




During the community night I got a chance to connect with sister lucy, as always she shines with her joyful and divine mother spirit while catching up on life story, we ended up with our learnings from in-mates in prison. she shared the story of one of Maher organization’s volunteer who got an opportunity to share his journey in a Canadian prison, and it touched another inmates heart, somehow he stepped into the action of love, and with his hard labor for a few months saved money and sent a donation to Maher, her story gave me so much hope and reminds me beautiful quote “THE SUN IS ALSO A GRAIN OF SAND IN THE INFINITE UNIVERSE AND GIVES US LIFE ON THIS EARTH. NOTHING IS LITTLE WHEN THERE IS LIGHT IN YOUR HEART ”    after listening to her story I share the story about dear inmate brother Parmeshwar how his imprisonment leads into deeper experiences of life and he composed one song about “VASHUDHEV KUTUMBAKAM” (one universe) and I shared with sister lucy as my inspiration, and sister lucy decided to share that song as prayer in interfaith religion gathering in Pune.


I get chance to participate in the inter-eco system at Mumbai while talking with few volunteers who participated in pavnar Maitri Milan gathering, they shared deep experiences of spiritual practices and life of sisters getting one step closer to vinoba behaves life journey, but one of the key inspiration they shared they touched with sughads  Lok Mitra volunteer who went there 10days before and transformed that place in beautiful space with their deep conviction and labor of love, not into that only they constructed some toilets to maintain external sanitation along with internal sanitation, while celebration started he gently moved from that space, and their loving actions for leave behind touched them a lot, how one can do so effortless service without attaching a string of outcomes, rewards, and expectations. They started practicing in their life.






jayeshbhai AND PANCHO                 NIPUNBHAI

Noble Maitri is our heart’s deepest yearning met by wholesome companions. Life’s beautiful gift on the path of inner transformation and cultivation.

This month started with joy of receiving KALYAN MITRAS and their loving presence and love nourishes the soul and finds a sacred home through the Christmas spirit.

Lok Mitra’s Corner :

  • Zankhana ben

Zankhana ben, being intrinsically connected to the charkha, makes the learning of charkha a totally different experience. She is one of our Lok Mitra’s who makes understanding charkha a wonderful and conscious experience for her participants. The way she is spreading the love and light through this simple act of teaching is impossible to be expressed in words.she started charkha with different students and kids in schools, constantly planting seeds of non-violence


  • Robin bhai

Robin bhai is a regular volunteer at Seva café continuously adding to the compassion and devotion to the atmosphere there. His conscious insistence is on not wasting the food and treating every meal as a prasad. He set a great example by consuming with love the left-over food at an event at Pavnar brought a sudden shift in people’s behavior over there.


  • Jayshree ben

Jayshree ben is one of the lok Mitra’s who hosts art exhibitions and imparts essential values of acting with a harmony of head, heart, and body amongst the kids. this month she deeply touched by the joy of children and small gesture JAYSHREE 1

  • Bhaskar Bhai

Bhaskar Bhai is acting on making co-existence a live example.in the coming days of Uttarayan, it becomes impossible for a lot of birds to travel freely. Some get injured and some even get killed. Bhaskar Bhai tries his best to save the maximum birds he can from losing their lives and helps in balancing our eco-system and makes us feel like we are co-existing



Cross-Pollination Retreat

  • Vietnamese social entrepreneur to soul entrepreneur retreat : 

A group of 25 people from Vietnam came to Ashram space and had a wonderful experience of different forms of service.few of them were deeply connected to the spirit of service space and were keen to take the idea of service and gift culture back to their native place and implement it.They were deeply touched by a talk on service, gift culture, sharing & compassion amongst humanity during their stay here. A group of 25 people from Vietnam came to Ashram space and had a wonderful experience of different forms of service.few of them were deeply connected to the spirit of service space and were keen to take the idea of service and gift culture back to their native place and implement it.They were deeply touched by a talk on service, gift culture, sharing & compassion amongst humanity during their stay here.


One of the Nun, who was also a part of the Vietnamese group, was deeply touched to see the devotion and varieties in which service can be a part of our life. She made sure to implement as many forms of services as possible in her life every moment thereafter.


  • Gramyamanthan

Gramyamanthan is an idea wherein the youth are taken on a wonderful journey for village emersions to see the current real-life situation that is going on and to work on the grass-root level. A group of such youth from 17 states visited various villages around Kutch and then stayed at ESI Sughad for a few days. Their stay at ESI Sughad started with a Trust Fall to test the extent of faith we have in our surroundings. This activity played a great role in transforming their fear into faith. They also gained a deeper understanding of service, love & compassion. They experienced the depth & importance of sacred intentions over the greed, consumerism, and hoarding that are currently going on in the world. Inspired by the space and being a part of the service, a volunteer started a community fridge and another one began a community library.

  • Indian school of Democracy

Indian School of Democracy (ISD) envisions nurturing leaders who will be the epitome of principled leadership and serve India with the goal to reach the unreached. In phase I, ISD will nurture young people for political and governance space, and create pathways for them to serve after the program do this through a year-long residential program, which will be a blend of hard skills, immersion, and engagements to understand India in a deeper manner. December they visited Gandhi ashram and ecosystem with their 20-25 fellows, withholding the spirit redefining Public Leadership can never be removed from the teachings of Gandhi. Thereby, Democracy Express concluded it’s a journey at the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad. The day was devoted to self-reflection on whether we are prepared to dedicate ourselves to public service.



  • The ripple story is another example of cross-pollination – last year, two gentlemen came for a Gramya Manthan retreat to the Gandhi Ashram. After being deeply inspired by the values that they learned during the retreat, they created a small organization with the support of their remote and vulnerable community in Kerala. They started experiments with community fridge and community libraries, which were both deeply rooted in gift culture. One of the collectors of the government later asked how they could support the community, and the latter simply answered: “We have more faith in humanity.”

RIPPLE 1Moving from giving to conscious service: last month, a gentleman came to Seva Café, which serves 50 meals a day, and told one of the Lokmitra that, back home, he could feed 2,000 people per day. Then, one of the Lokmitra showed the gentleman that Seva Café does not produce even one bin of waste, unlike the gentleman’s charity place, which wastes six containers every day, because people are very conscious of the way they interact with Seva Café – with a lot of consciousness. Impressed, the gentleman decided to make envelopes available back at his charity place in order for people to gain consciousness of the potential for reciprocity that is available when they come to eat there. This way, people can consciously support the place financially if they wish to, or express gratitude, or pray – whatever brings consciousness to their experience at the gentleman’s eating place.