Reflections from the Love dawn

A brief compilation of community insights during the Covid 19 lockdown of the Environmental Sanitation Institute, Sughad, Gujarat, India from March – May 2020


  1. Catching the Karuna-Virus​ ​| Arpita Bohra
  2. Learning to be a Mother in Lockdown​ | Saurabh Suri
  3. Sahaj Bhaav ki ek kahani​ | Neida Khurshid
  4. Conviction is Timeless​ | Shrey Rawat
  5. My Experiments and Experiences​ | Jayshree R. Makwana
  6. We Are Living Water Bridges​ | Pancho Ramos-Stierle
  7. मानवकोमलमानवीयताकेउदयकेरणा​|​​ManavRajRishi
  8. 9 Questions during COVID-19​ ​|​ ​Jossera G.

Please down load the PDF copy in link below to read

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