“Everything is locked down”..?  but things like SUNRISE, LOVE, FAMILY TIME, KINDNESS, CREATIVITY, LEARNINGS, CONVERSATIONS, IMAGINATIONS, RELATIONSHIP, PRAYING, MEDITATION, HOPE  are not in locked down, and these momentary pauses, for through the reflection we will see the soul purpose of each, of all, And through the journey, WE will know The destination as one.

lotus joysunrise


Corona has brought opportunities to cultivate Karuna (compassion), and our Lokmitras nurturing themselves and society with inner cultivation, wisdom and Nobel intentions, Most of them they brought their own true version and being a catalyst for society

JAYSHREE AND MANAV:  As Esi is supporting and hosting many local and international noble friends who having difficulty to find a place or who wants to deep dive  within the self for their inner cultivation, more than Avg 40 people are living  more than 40 days in ESI, these two Lokmitra being catalyst between them, Jayashree and Manav  mindfully taking care of daily essentials and sanctity of space, and cultivating their inner virtues with the company of noble friends, along with that Jayashree is fasting and Manav is aware people around  boosting immunity through yoga and through healthy food habits, along with that they help people around nearby villages  to send daily essentials In the time of quarantine

manav      jayshree

DEVESH: Devesh is one of the key Lok Mitra who holding and taking care of Gandhi ashram eco-system, this month along with taking care of plants and micro eco-system in campus, he cultivation deeply his own gifts, along with that he showed his deeper compassion for other beings and made houses for birds in the campus to invite and intent enhancing his intelligence with other beings and family, he is also anchoring experiment of farming in campus, and this month deeply cultivating the noble intentions and soil with that Nobel intention that fruit can be shared with the community especially in this time of isolation, as his inner cultivation he is practicing silence for deeply connect with himself and existence of other beings.

ZANKHANABEN: Zankhnaben is one of the Lok Mitra who is in quest of finding her higher version of herself through the tool what Gandhi guide us, despite physical challenge she tried to connect herself with community nearby, she visited venerable families around and showed up her solidarity with them along with that she trying to be an instrument of service and trying to meet their daily essential with support of local eco-system of Gandhi ashram and ESI.. as her inner cultivation she made her personal practice to waking up before sunrise and doing charkha and meditation for her inner stillness.

zankhna ben1                zankhnaben 2

BHASKAR: As he started to explore his passion for photography, last month he started self-designed learning of professional software’s from internet with a higher purpose to connect with his inner net through sharing the beauty of nature and co-existence through his lens as a gift, in this time of pandemic his showing the greater display of his heart and compassion, with help of local NGO he started to feeding dogs and stray animals on street.

cow            stary dog  

ASHOK:  Ashok is our Lok Mitra who connects and hold space through stories, he is been blessed with his gift of stories, this month, unfortunately, quarantine in his hometown, but his noble intention for helping his community in this time of adversity has been manifested through his hard work and support of local friends and noble friends, he able to send daily essential and grocery in his villages of Kutch, along with that he is been working hard on his stories and soon his book with stories will be published soon, one of the elders from the community is strongly supporting him to manifest his dream of books.

ashok                            ashok1

ROBIN: Robin is one of energetic Lok Mitra who always looking for the opportunity to serve and act on the field , as he shared this pandemic of corona gives him the greater opportunity of Karuna (compassion), through his action for sharing grocery kits in community-created greater opportunity to see himself in others, each connection took him closer to his true self, as he actively holding space of Seva café, he decided to multiply that value of Seva café through different form and connected himself with the community through cooked food and serving tea to whoever is needed, with the true spirit of “LIVING IS GIVING “

robin 1         robin 2


At the Gandhi Ashram, we’ve been fortunate to encounter streams of individuals who are “being the change” in their own contexts and ways. On top of that, in the last years, through Awakin gatherings, SEVA CAFE, Moved By Love, Samanvay retreats, Village journeys,etc.,

in this time of pandemic we’ve great opportunity to go deeper and deeper in inner transformation. This month 10 individuals, Nobel friends from our larger eco-system participated at Maitri space of ESI, sughad, these individuals witness, explored and engaged with the service journeys of diverse folks from the local ecosystem while simultaneously they were engaging in daily practices that nurture the values of kindness, gratitude, inner and outer sanitation, stillness and simplicity, and small acts with great love.

thirty days  thirty day 3

thirty day 2


(Karuna Virus Act and WiFi )


For the last few days, Jayesh Bhai is churning with his thoughts and reflections on Karuna (COMPASSION) Virus. It is incredible to witness the bhaav that is collectively emerging through deep sharing and listening. Sharing a few snippets of the same here.
*Karuna Virus Act and WiFi*

For the past few days, in the wake of all that is emerging, I do not feel fear. Instead, I sense a space of calm and mindfulness. I feel a deep sense of love and prayer for universal goodness. Carrying this sacred space at the level of thought and action has such deep potential. In the momentum of individual and collective fear and the pain many of us are experiencing, if we allow our inner-net to cultivate, weave, accept the pain and mess we are into –understand the impermanence of it all– and transform the fear into a prayer of the well-being of all – then I feel we may come closer to our connection with our roots, to our values. This can perhaps lead to many wholesome practices of our own inner-cultivation and outer manifestation of compassion (Karuna) virus. This will allow us to extend our contribution deeper and further – to our contribution of thoughts and of cooperation towards our shared connection.

In this circle of connection, cultivation, and contribution, our connection is to our higher consciousness, a genuine heart, and mind of service, so to speak. When we are in tune with that interconnection of our consciousness; when we align ourselves to operate through love and compassion with a selfless understanding of that interconnection, we will be in service to the whole. This is the order of Nature.

To channel the energy of the heart and mind, we share the noble thoughts for universal goodness. To channel the energy of the body, we engage in service to the whole. And we do that by taking small mindful steps – like cooking with love, cleaning with mindfulness, engaging in deep listening with whoever shows up at our door, and so on.

By allowing us to pause and deeply reflect on this, Nature has gifted us with Karuna Virus as we transit from nature to culture to the future. Whenever humankind has been elevated in fragments of competition, self-centeredness, jealousy, consumption, greed, separation, etc. – Nature has very gently interfered to bring back its balance, equilibrium, and awareness. And this shift in our inherent nature may birth a new culture of consciousness that may lead to a very hopeful future, perhaps a conviction to be in service to the sacred, to be in service to the whole web of life.

The more I am aligning myself to this thought and feeling, I am beginning to see this as a time of transformation for the entire civilization. A time where the common collective is rising to its authentic, yet gentle power. While we are all one at the level of soul, the field of unwholesome thoughts and actions continued to dominate our narrative. However, now the time has arrived where we see the collective going from its subtle to subtler and subtlest forms. Very truly aligning to the phrase, “in a gentle way we can shake the world”. We continue to see around us – people, spaces, and movements from all walks of life are coming together in their own decentralized and organic ways towards this one shared intention of service to the whole.

Corona Virus created the field for Karuna Virus. [“Karuna” is Sanskrit for “compassion”] What started as a Karuna Virus is now inviting us to move towards Karuna Actions, which will strengthen our Karuna Wifi.

*Karuna Virus* – contagious _contribution_ of compassion with loving-kindness for universal goodness.
*Karuna Act* – _cultivation_ through personal practices for our stillness
*Karuna Wifi* – _connection_ through eternal values (roots) that strengthen our foundation towards universal goodness.

Wherever we are in our inner world and in our outer world, may we turn on the torchlight of contribution, connection, and cultivation.

May we strengthen the connection with consciousness (Love Jagat) through which creativity for loving-kindness acts towards humanity and all the Earth Family emerges, to come back into kinship with all life.

May these days of lockdown in India become an opportunity to find the joys of simplicity.

May we cooperate and co-create small practices that we align with; towards the collective consciousness and spread ourselves though distributed droplets of compassion.

This days of ‘Lock’ down is in-fact a ‘Key’ of compassion for the entire Earth. It brings with it a key to reflect and act on collective personal practices.

May we all collectively take this opportunity to joyfully come together; in love, understanding & cooperation and make this world a more beautiful place – one small compassionate ‘key’ (act) at a time.

Love All – Serve All – Share with All


virti dada

#Sukshma Karma: Viratiji Maharaj These days Jayesh Bhai gets lots of fruits and vegetables and with immense love, he shares it with many friends and family members. Someone asked him – why do you do that even for people who can afford, his response was sheer love and a way to show care, indeed motherly Care, as he does this in day to day life as well.  Some of you know about Viratiji Maharaj, an 89 years monk stays in Kabir Ashram near esi Sughad. A few years back climbing on a tree to collect fruits so that he could share, one of his legs was fractured. Last year, uncle Bruce heard this story and wished to visit Kabir Ashram with few friends. Viratiji led uncle Bruce in his farm, they didn’t exchange a single word but connected deeply through nature. On return Uncle, Bruce shared that Babaji showed him a branch of a tree leaning downloaded with fruits. Now he doesn’t have to climb trees to fetch fruits, trees recognize his intentions, and lean down to serve.

During the lockdown, Jayeshbhai delivers fruits to Viratiji Maharaj personally. And yesterday he was to deliver fruits but couldn’t. In anticipation with intentions to pluck and share “Rayan” a local fruit, Viratiji climbed a tree and fell down, it hurt his hand.

When our friend reached to deliver fruits and vegetables to Viratiji, he offered fruits, witnessing Viratiji was hurt, he called Jayesh Bhai. And immediately a doctor’s (Yakshatbhai) appointment was taken. Listening to the background of Viratiji, Yakshatbhai (doctor) opened his clinic specially and treated him with immense respect and conveyed-  he is inspired and deeply moved by love in presence of Viratiji. He can be called an hour and he would be ready to serve. On the way back to Kabir Ashram, Viratiji decided to visit Jayesh Bhai’s home. Indeed he was carrying fruits mangoes and lemons harvested in Kabir Ashram. “Rayan” he will send with someone. Anar didi asked if she shall make a pickle of mangoes and send it to him, he simply denied saying these mangoes are for you.  I have enough, it’s a gift from nature. Both Jayesh Bhai and Anar didi had tears of compassion in their eyes, while Viratiji was smiling with sparkling eyes full of grace and love.

Jayeshbhai later shared, fruits he sends to friends and families is “स्थूल कर्म” gross work, that may have an impact while the offering Viratiji Maharaj shares are “सुक्षम कर्म” subtle work that inspires transformation. The depth and subtlety of Viratiji inspired the Doctor, karyakartas, Jayeshbhai, Anar didi, and possibly all who are reading.

It’s as if Corona is conveying to deepen Karuna (compassion) through subtle work with noble intentions of pure service.

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