Zankhana Ben: This month her participants through various retreats in villages, being intrinsically connected to the charkha make the learning of charkha a totally different experience. This month she Pushed herself and attempted to walk on her dream path of DANDI with a group of kids, where Gandhi walked a few years ago in 1930 for “SALT MARCH”, along with that these days she generously sharing her presence and grocery with daily wage labor and needy for this time.

JAYSHREE:  Jayshree is one of our Lokmitra who works in a school, This month because of a coronavirus school lockdown, she got the opportunity to participate in Samanvay retreat and different gatherings, one of the key highlights for her this month is to attend Samanvay Retreat with her Mother, deepening her relationship, since Samanvay Retreat she is been full time participating and holding space in ESI, and becoming the catalyst for organizing various Retreats at space for our Nobel friends and volunteers who safely get their stay in ESI during the time of quarantine time, one of the key reflection she was sharing through this time she got an opportunity to go more inwards and get connected more with her own self.


Manavraj Rishi: Manav has been participated in various Retreats and Gathering this month, along with that he is fulltime facilitator in Esi, along with that he facilitated various activity and sessions with Anganwadi (pre-primary schools) teachers training program, he has actively participated in different villages for health and sanitation camps, one of his moment for joy is to meet and celebrate the festival of color (HOLI) with his daughter.


Robin: Robin is an energetic soul who always spreads joy and happiness in the space he resides. He plays a very big role in facilitating the Seva Café to each and every beautiful soul who visits the space. He is been actively engaged in various Retreats, in this time of quarantine he is been with his family in surat, but there he set out to make “VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM” an actual reality along with taking care of his family he made sure to even look after his extended family which is built on the foundations of Humanity, He made 15 grocery kits which included the most basic things that we require to live our lives and extended his warmth to the ones who needed them the most

BhaskarBhaskar is Deeply connected with nature, this month he decided to spend time in solitude and finding harmony between nature within and nature outside, along with his self-design learning for photography and advance software, he went for 10 days course of Vipassana  Meditation, along with that he never missed opportunity to get connected with nature through his lens


DEVESH: Devesh is been one of silent Lokmitra who holding space in various Retreats and gatherings invisibly, after his self-retreat of 21 days silence, he reconnected himself to go deeper with his own gifts of ART, along with that he actively engaged in retreats and do some HEART (ART) Work. He is actively holding space in Seva café too, this month he experimented with food in Seva café to bring more consciousness and reduce the food waste.

ASHOK :   Ashok is one of the Lokmitra who built and connect the community with the power of stories, He actively holding space for community and kids in Kutch and different villages, this month he facilitated lots of sessions around storytelling in the various organization in a remote part of an area, along with that he is been volunteering in samanvay gathering




It’s been an incredible privilege to witness the outpour of love, community, and connection that we felt in just 3 days. It’s humbling to witness the unfurling of the intention of this gathering that has been in the soil for such a long time. This retreat a truly special one! We refer to our retreat canter as “Maitri Space”, precisely because of all the selfless love that volunteers put into the smallest of acts and the open-hearted joy that each of the participants brings. Each of the unique gifts is what co-created magical space So many things were folding, unfolding through the joy of togetherness, it was one step closer to make the bridge between India and Spain, opportunities and possibilities, and loose ties to  deep ties


PEACE WALK Peace walk was a mesmerizing experience of slowing down in this fast-paced life and having a look at where we are headed. All the individuals gathered around in a circle and one by one went and hugged the peace pole. Thereafter, began the peace walk across the round path carved amidst green trees. The pause that this walk brought gave space to compassion and grace to emerge from within. After each and every walk, the experience deepened which directly impacted one’s behavior towards the people around them.


HEART/SHARING CIRCLE  This circle gave space to everyone to open up and share about the experiences that touched them the most during this 3-day retreat. Many of them shared extremely crucial and personal things throughout various circles held for three days. The best part about this sharing was that an atmosphere of acceptance and unconditional love was created during these circles so as to make everybody feel comfortable enough to open up.

BIO-DANCE:  Facilitated by our participants Arianna was a wonderful experience of Bio-dance. It is said very rightly that, “We do not stop dancing because we get old but we get old because we stop dancing”.The child within each and every person got a space to emerge through this activity. It was a wonderful and an experience which opened up many of the participants from within.

GRATITUDE WALK The gratitude gives an opportunity to break all the blockages that one holds within. These are the blockages that stop one from connecting with the divine and hinders the flow of grace. Many participants experienced extreme breaking within them which was expressed in the form of tears in the physical realm. Though it brought a lot of tears, was definitely one of the most healing moments for everyone present there



kalindi tai    kalindi tai 1

KALINDI TAI is one of the eldest sister staying in Brahma Vidya Mandir Ashram,paunar. She walked during the bhoodan movement and worked very closely with vinoba bhave , she is author of several books including the autobiography of Vinoba Ji which was later translated in English with Title “MOVED BY LOVE” She shared her wisdom and life experience about love, life, spiritual practices, and service.

Find her wisdom Here Kalindi tai wisdom 

SOME MOMENTS OF JOY: Beauty Lies in embracing the flow of life what remains frozen in our Heart fails to find a place to grow in us and become rooted, some moments of joy here which is rooted in everyone’s heart.


“Samagrata” is the immersion of urban and rural, conventional and contemporary, bhakti, Gyan, and karma and of our head, hands, and heart. It is the process, which aims at improving the well-being and self-realization of people living outside in urban areas, it’s a process which opens possibilities to learn from the community and traditional wisdom With that spirit we held this Retreat with our Nobel Friends who came from Spain, England, Peru, Mexico, USA, and India Most of them they touched with generosity and hospitality, deepening their true understanding of “GIFT CULTURE”

One of the highlights was they all experienced service through the lenses of the National Service Scheme program, run in Gujarat to support the service journeys of college students – they gather for these service camps and go to village areas to create awareness on certain themes and learn of how to live in the community. In the end intention of the program is also to ignite that spirit of service through small acts of love. They clean toilets, clean plastics, spend time with neighbors, take care of the animals.




In these times of uncertainty and fear, the eternal values of compassion and friendship are as necessary as they have ever been. From Corona to Karuna, Jayeshbhai says :). How can we use this time of more isolation as a journey towards a greater sense of community? How can we use this time of fear to uplift our love for all? Vinoba Bhave talked about ‘Subtle Satyagraha’. All his life, and especially the period of time after the Bhoodan Movement he was more focused on the inner discoveries in relation to social change. He never lost the focus on Sarvodaya, ‘the upliftment and welfare of all’, but his means turned more towards inner transformation. Although there is a whole spectrum on this, it’s always a gift to have the chance to explore that field, of how deeper inner explorations inter-relate with our worldly lives.

In that spirit, we hosted journey of silence in community at ESI-Sughad from 19th March till 26th March. The seven days spent in silence with a sharing circle every evening. During these days all prepared food together took care of the space together, did silent acts of service, silent dancing, prayer, meditation, bowing, yoga, peace walks, painting for peace, etc.

dil darshan

 Story of cross-pollination :

To meet and spend time with  Sister Lucy is always grace, she deeply touched with the culture of an organization and lose tie of MAHER getting deepen and deepen, she visited eco-system with her Nobel friend from Austria, he deeply touched with some experiments of “GIFT CULTURE” and took wisdom and spirit as seed,

Meanwhile, We (Nobel Friends) had the chance to connect deeply with her and we were all moved by her love, her resilience, and her brave spirit.


As we did samanvay last year, the flow of love keeps flowing Nandini- one of the key members of parmarth Niketan ashram, Hrishikesh came here with one of a noble friend, Michael_BeckwithH, with the intention of deepening spirit of love and service, as she shared he really moved with love and took inspiration from the land of Gandhi and spirit of Gandhi.



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