Happy well – in – Time 🙂 In this month of love, the tree of love keeps expanding externally and roots are deepening internally.




Ashok Amin: 


A mechanical engineer turned storyteller. A meeting with a very well-known author Dhruv Bhatt through Vishwa Gram organization was one of the best & life-changing experiences for him. It was the moment that unleashed the storyteller within him and brought in front of him the art of narrating and writing stories. Thereafter he became part of ESI and one of the sentences that touched him the most at ESI campus was, “Don’t keep worries and burden in your work, just keep pure intention”. Connecting with the Anganwadi women worker and getting close with kids there inspired him to visit various villages and conduct different kinds of workshops and activities with the kids there.

Zankhana Ben: Being intrinsically connected to the charkha makes the learning of charkha a totally different experience. This month she deepened in the conscious experience along with her participants through various retreats in villages and along with kids. This month one of the highlights was meeting Arundada and getting to hear his sharing on charkha and takli.

Jayshree:  Jayshree is one of the Lok Mitra who constantly nurtures the value in kids. This month she was really touched by kid’s wisdom and innocence during the picnic. The kids innocently said that we all live in Lord Hanuman’s heart. One of the learning she was sharing that, they all witness the process of how life comes out of eggs, kids found how another being has intelligence and how they take care of each other and provide warmth to each other. She also weaved in the heart of kids that how can we be the instrument for providing warmth to all beings.

Manavraj Rishi: He has visited many villages and organized numerous health camps. His deeper intention is primarily supportive and complementary in rural development work. He also visited a respectful source of inspiration, Vasant Dada. His deeper reflection and usefulness of knowledge focused on the love element. Love is the essence of the world and there is no other essence.


Devesh Sinha: This month, Devesh observed silence for a period of about 2 weeks and carried out the beautiful process of internal purification. With an intention to know oneself and connect with the deeper meaning of life he decided to disconnect from all the interactions for a few days. He believes that silence is a very powerful way to connect to self and connecting with self is the only way to get in touch with each and every other being existing on this planet. He added energy of calmness and serenity in the space of existenceFEB8

Robin: Robin is an energetic soul who always spreads joy and happiness in the space he resides. He plays a very big role in delivering the idea and concept of Seva Café to each and every beautiful soul who visits the space. With his experience of serving and compassionate reflection, he is able to narrate the idea behind the space in a very touching manner. He makes sure that each and every individual that enters that space does not leave without feeling special.


BhaskarBhaskar Bhai is one of our lok Mitra who not only has compassion for human beings but also for every other being who cannot express their feelings through words. He makes all the required efforts to make their existence convenient on this planet by serving them. There is no difference in his behavior, care, and compassion between humans and other beings.

FEB 10

Cross-pollination Retreat :

The youth Fest – 2069 

Youth Fest – 2069 was not an event, it was home to all those who are on the journey of evolution. Collective growth, leadership, and learning was the main theme around which the whole fest revolved. Various different experiments were done around the ideas of democracy, immersion, time banking & media. These experiments brought out a new perception and created a space in order to welcome change.

We were around 80 people from 25+ organizations and 15+states

Experiments and Learnings by  Lokmitras

So in youth fest, youth from all parts of India gathered. Everyone was sharing their gifts with their own ways, but few volunteers and lokmitras decided instead of hosting intellectual sessions on big issues, how we can do small act with great love and we hosted “dancing toilet cleaning”. So, few friends joined & we cleaned really messy toilets with joy as a result of this the cleaning staff from a place really moved and touched, they were in joyful tears. They shared that in 10 years no one did this job for us, they expressed their gratitude, and our message effortlessly flowed to the youth present there. Everybody realized that it is never about doing great things or big things, but all about doing small things with great love.


Story of Cross-pollination:

Kids visited from Kashmir:  After one year, few kids visited exactly on the day where they were a victim of an attack from the place Pulwama, Kashmir. These kids came to visit different organizations and initiatives all across Gujarat. As a part of their visit, they experienced the space in Gandhi Ashram as well.

Where they came from, that part has negative thoughts about Gujarat because of riots in 2001. Even the parents were also insecure to send them. However, we observed that their perception getting changed after hearing some stories and experiments happening around here. While saying goodbye few kids were sharing we are taking these love back to our space and we will share with our parents too about the power of love and how sanitation is important for life and country. Those reflections from kids deeply touched all of us present there, how the consciousness of space and cultivation of hearts helps to heal deeper pain and effortlessly become a bridge for two-generation and two states.

The hangover of Gandhi 3.0  The hangover of Nobel friends are still here, last year few friends from Vietnam came and took the deeper value of charkha from Zankhnaben who is one of our Lok Mitra who constantly deepening herself with the charkha, (spinning wheel) , and they took this value  to Vietnam



Integrating Brazilian playfulness and Indian wisdom 🙂 – a new world is possible.

In 1994, the Brazilian president declared that all the money deposited in the bank now

belonged to the government for good reasons. Before that day, the Brazilian brother’s dad had sold his land and deposited the money in his bank account – so they lost their money the following day. So sadly, the day after the government’s taking of the money, the brother’s father also passed away. So suddenly, our Brazilian brother was left with nothing: no money, no land, no father. So, he resorted to becoming a stealer. As he was sharing his story [with Diken], the brother shared his shock that no one was questioning the government for taking all of the people’s money in 1994, but when he started stealing, he was treated as a robber. Eventually, he was put in jail by the government. The brother shared that it was the biggest university in his life. He spent ten years in Brazilian prisons, some of the most violent in the world. His pain was excruciating, as he experienced violence there every day. One day, however, he started reading the Bible and discovered Jesus. From then on, he started seeing goodness and finding Jesus in people. It was his biggest shift – at the time, he was in such pain, taking drugs, and had even contracted HIV. Somehow, he moved away from his condition and came out of prison. And he started working thanks to the inner power that received inside the prison. From then on, he started sharing about the power of Love with his people in the favelas. He renamed his favela “La favela del Paz,” and while there used to be ten people killed there daily after he started working there, the number of daily deaths came down to zero. His story is so touching because we become so easily restless and try to act, forgetting act from a place of heart as “heartiest” – not activists.

One message that the brother shared as the essential crux of his life for every young person to know is: “God supports people, not strategies.” A new world is possible.



The Jail University Band, Out of the Box, is performed  World Music Festival, it was the first time in history happened Indian prison band performs in the world music festival, they started with universal prayer “vashudhew kutumbkam”,  AS LOVE LEAD THE WAY STEPS MADE EASY.






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