Wishing all a very happy new year, may you manifest a meaningful journey and create wonderful memories by making the best out of this gift of life that we all have received. The month continues with deepening the bonds amongst the noble friends. All were sharing the same light and love, some seen some unseen!







Since he was young, Manav would follow his inner guidance. Regardless of whatever his parents, siblings, and elders said, he only followed things that he could understand and go forward based on his own experience. Due to this, he used to dissent against blind beliefs in society. After finishing his DAL through Manav never enjoyed formal education, he did have a strong desire to be of service to people, connect with nature, and become self-sufficient. This led him to do a Doctorate of Naturopathy and Yoga from Jeevan Nirmaan Prakrutik Chikistsa Evam Yoga Mahavidyalaya in Meerut.

Manav shared, “I used to experiment with everything in my Naturopathy classes. I used to live the lessons we were learning. I have fully enjoyed my life. I have sought to fully understand, which has gifted me with confidence and deep trust in whatever I do.” Doctorate, Manav did health awareness campaigns in various ashrams, non-profits, and villages throughout the country. He joined a private practice in Delhi with Dr. B.B. Goel of the All India Nature Cure Federation, stayed there for 3.5 years, and completed another Diploma course in Yoga and Naturopathy (English). During his stay in the city, Manav would ensure that everyone had access to health by working in villages. Manav worked at the top-rated Swyas Nature Cure Center in Anandham for 1.5 years. Later, he was in charge of corporate health and yoga programs for two years in Ahmedabad but decided that his inclination towards service and spiritual practice did not fit with the work.



Devesh has always been a seeker, in his path of spirituality, love, and service. At a very young age, he decided to be a monk and served for a few years in the Himalayas at various ashrams. With his sincerity, he was offered to become the in-charge of an ashram itself but then he chose to come to Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad to find other ways of service while living with the people. For 5 years he helped in Seva Cafe and now currently has been supporting Moved by Love Retreats, Swagyan & the ashram ecosystem. He is also a gifted artist who facilitates various art circles and workshops for kids in the spirit of gift culture.

His love for cooking has also with a love for cooking.

ZANKHNA BEN:  Being intrinsically connected to the charkha, Zankhana ben makes the learning of charkha a totally different experience. An incident occurred this month during her service at one of the retreats which took her on a deeper level of consciousness. The experience was of carrying out a certain kind of physical labor which prima facie seemed impossible to be carried out. On actually doing the work she realized that the limits, boundaries, and the blockages are all on a mental level and if anyone who can break them, it is us.


ROBINBHAI: He is a regular volunteer at Seva café, continuously adding to the compassion and devotion to the atmosphere there. This month he engaged in various retreats and ashram ecosystems, he touched so many hearts in ASPEN, and Gandhi 3.0 retreats with his labor of love. Along with that, he facilitated a gathering at Seva cafe wherein one of his key experiments with kids was done. He encouraged them for moving from transaction-based actions to trust & love based actions.


JAYSHREE BEN:  She hosts art exhibitions and imparts essential values of acting with a harmony of the head, heart, and body amongst the kids. With the deepening of her own journey she started some ecological experiment in school, and encouraging kids to plant and grow some kitchen garden, her deepen intent to take them into the product to process.


BHASKAR: Bhaskar Bhai tries his best to save the maximum birds he can from losing their lives and helps in balancing our eco-system and makes us feel like we are co-existing.also his journey deepening with the lens of his camera this month,


 Samnvay – Spirit, Sadhana, Service

We had Samanvay as well as cross-pollination retreat with respected Sri M at the Maitri Space at ESI, Sughad. During the walk, he visited Maitri space (ESI) for the first time and felt a deep connection. Sri M is a spiritual guide, social reformer, and educationist who travels extensively and humbly shares his teachings of oneness. He heads the Satsang Foundation, has written multiple books including his memoir “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master – A Yogi’s Autobiography”. In 2015-16 he also led a Walk of Hope from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, for peace and harmony.

Highlights:  Various eco-systems participated in this retreat to dive deep into inner space. People were deeply touched with deeper wisdom and integrity with a practical aspect. One of the highlights for most of the people was “we need to integrate intellect of Shankaracharya and compassion of Buddha”. Sri M was deeply touched with spiritual depth of space and proposed one more retreat for sadhana and spiritual practices organized Satsang and community night as spontaneous emergence wherein more than 90 people showed up organically for chanting and silent dinner.

Artivist 5  : (Ecosystem gathering)

Artivist started in 2017, the first being a 4 dayer with 6 people…birthing a much bolder invitation to the second with a focus on “Hang Out”….some lessons came up around power, the three-axis of change and the overall context of a manthan and collider…
The third artivist collected these ideas and contributed to the birth of Out of the Blue …formally now known as 2069: The Youth Fest…
And then post the fest we convened for the fourth, catalyzing what we learned about engaging youth…
And that brings us to Artivist 5….
The intent
Prototype some potential experiments that could happen at youth fest
Share what’s emerging in the ecosystem space and see how best can we serve the emerging future (yes, sounds like a cliche but that’s what I mean!)
Updates on Rediscovery of India and the larger journey that we could collectively co-create and undertake
As with every artivist, our personal journeys, questions, Masti, hangouts, and memories!! 🙂




During the community night I got a chance to connect with sister lucy, as always she shines with her joyful and divine mother spirit while catching up on life story, we ended up with our learnings from in-mates in prison. she shared the story of one of Maher organization’s volunteer who got an opportunity to share his journey in a Canadian prison, and it touched another inmates heart, somehow he stepped into the action of love, and with his hard labor for a few months saved money and sent a donation to Maher, her story gave me so much hope and reminds me beautiful quote “THE SUN IS ALSO A GRAIN OF SAND IN THE INFINITE UNIVERSE AND GIVES US LIFE ON THIS EARTH. NOTHING IS LITTLE WHEN THERE IS LIGHT IN YOUR HEART ”    after listening to her story I share the story about dear inmate brother Parmeshwar how his imprisonment leads into deeper experiences of life and he composed one song about “VASHUDHEV KUTUMBAKAM” (one universe) and I shared with sister lucy as my inspiration, and sister lucy decided to share that song as prayer in interfaith religion gathering in Pune.


I get chance to participate in the inter-eco system at Mumbai while talking with few volunteers who participated in pavnar Maitri Milan gathering, they shared deep experiences of spiritual practices and life of sisters getting one step closer to vinoba behaves life journey, but one of the key inspiration they shared they touched with sughads  Lok Mitra volunteer who went there 10days before and transformed that place in beautiful space with their deep conviction and labor of love, not into that only they constructed some toilets to maintain external sanitation along with internal sanitation, while celebration started he gently moved from that space, and their loving actions for leave behind touched them a lot, how one can do so effortless service without attaching a string of outcomes, rewards, and expectations. They started practicing in their life.




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